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Marshall Austin - Simply out-designing all the others.

Marshall Austin designs and manufactures TWO lightweight, heavy-duty mobile stages that are completely unique and have become the cornerstones to the most successful outdoor concerts and events.

Each of our stages is crafted for a wide range of uses and specific sets of needs.

The MAP24 & the MAP32 are the only two mobile stages on the market that can be pulled by a pickup truck and that can offer you extraordinary versatility with a wide array of unique style and features. And our dedicated staff will give you all the attention, knowledge and support that you deserve.

This trailer stage can be pulled with any pick-up truck or a sport utility vehicle.

MAP24 Mobile Stage

The patented MAP24 is a mid-size mobile stage with big-time performance capability for any outdoor event. Easily towed by a half-ton truck or sport-utility vehicle, our low-maintenance, user-friendly mobile stage reduces the headaches and costs associated with renting stages, towing trailer stages, setting up and maintaining large mobile stages.

No other stage of this caliber goes up so fast or with so little effort. We took great care to design and produce a low-cost, high-quality mobile stage that ensures user safety, looks great and provides versatile and profitable opportunities for stage owners.

UNIQUE features of the MAP24

SAFETY: The MAP24 mobile stage has the largest support footprint in the staging industry, featuring the Marshall Austin patented stabilizer system. This mobile stage incorporates a rubber torsion axle, which provides this stage with lower vibration, longer stage life and is extremely durable. All MAP24 mobile stages come with our unique sub frame axle attachment.

EASE OF USE: This mobile stage has a quick and easy manual deployment and has no dependence on motors, pumps, hoses and hydraulics.

EVENT FRIENDLY: The MAP24 mobile stage has the lowest surface impact of any mobile stage in the staging industry, which allows all mobile stage users to: put their stage on the grass, tow the stage with any pick up and even maneuver their mobile stage by hand.

MORE STAGE AREA: Add stage extensions uninterrupted along all sides of the MAP24 mobile stage with no interference with canopy lift mechanisms or a gooseneck.

INCREASED VISABILITY: The MAP24′s unique patented lifting mechanism allows the mobile stage canopy to pitch to a 10-degree angle for increased visibility and water drainage.

GREAT LOOKING: This mobile stage has a clean four-post canopy lift that eliminates the unsightly greasy industrial look and hanging hydraulic hoses of other mobile stages.

Why a Mobile Stage?

A Mobile Stage is the best solution for a cost effective, quick and easy set-up for outdoor events.

TOP 10 REASONS to step up in value and step down in price with a Marshall Austin Mobile Stage:

1 . More Cost Effective Than a Permanent Stage
All Marshall Austin mobile stages offer you the flexibility to have performances in unlimited locations. Requiring only one or two persons for manpower, our mobile stages have the lowest surface impact of any mobile stage.

2. Easy To Tow, Easy To Set Up
The MAP24 or MAP32 mobile stage is easily towed by a pickup truck. Just pull up, set up and let the show begin.

3. Big-Time Performance in Unlimited Locations
Our MAP24 and MAP32 have big-time performance capability for outdoor events with hundreds or even thousands of spectators.

4. Professional Appearance and Quality Manufacturing
All Marshall Austin Mobile Stages are designed and produced as low-cost, high quality stages that ensures user safety, looks great and provides versatile and profitable opportunities for its owners.

5. Safety
All Marshall Austin mobile stages adhere to DOT and NHTSA regulatory requirements.

6. Highly Maneuverable
In the towed position, our mobile stages are only 8 1/2 feet wide, allowing you to get in and out of tight spots.

7. Performers Love It
From local entertainers to national attractions, performers are enthusiastic about our lightweight, heavy duty mobile stages.

8 Add or Substitute Accessories
Every Marshall Austin mobile stage gives you the ability to add or reconfigure your performance area as your needs arise.

9. Affordable
Not only is the Marshall Austin mobile stage easy to set up and maintain, it’s price to feature ratio is unbeatable in the industry. In just a few uses, the Marshall Austin Mobile Stage is well on the way to paying for itself – saving you time and money.

10. We’re Behind You At Every Stage
The professionals at Marshall Austin go the extra mile. Parts and workmanship are warranted to ensure your complete satisfaction.

MAP32 Mobile Stage

MAP32 mobile stage is a one-of a kind – A lightweight heavy-duty mobile stage that can be easily towed by a pickup truck and operated by a hand held wireless remote control.

UNIQUE features of the MAP32

MORE CONTROL: The MAP32 Hydraulically Powered Screw/Chain Lift eliminates the need to “pin the roof.” You choose the roof clearance height best for the show – Up to 22 ft. off the deck!

EASE OF USE: The roof is operated by a wireless remote control. No need any more for the operator to stand in one location to raise & lower the roof.

BETTER SIGHTLINES: This mobile stage has 180° sightlines, the gooseneck folds to the ground and the canopy can be adjusted up to 10° either direction via wireless remote.

SAFETY: The MAP32 “Quick-Release Windwall System” allows you to release all your windwalls in seconds during extreme wind conditions.

EASIER ACCESS TO EQUIPMENT: Access your equipment through rear doors without having to partially erect the stage.

MORE STAGE AREA: 32 ft. x 24 ft. stage deck (with a 32×32 roof!) Add decks uninterrupted along all sides of the MAP32 stage with no interference from canopy lift mechanisms or a gooseneck.

EASIER TO TOW: Tow this mobile stage with a 1 ton pickup truck- no need for a fifth- wheel tractor.

BETTER SIGHTLINES: 180% sightlines. The gooseneck folds to the ground.

GREAT LOOKING: The MAP32’s clean 4 way independent lifting system eliminates an unsightly industrial look as well as hanging hydraulic hoses.