Mobile Stage MAP24 (24×16)

This trailer stage can be pulled with any pick-up truck or a sport utility vehicle.

MAP24 Mobile Stage

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The patented MAP24 is a mid-size mobile stage with big-time performance capability for any outdoor event. Easily towed by a half-ton truck or sport-utility vehicle, our low-maintenance, user-friendly mobile stage reduces the headaches and costs associated with renting stages, towing trailer stages, setting up and maintaining large mobile stages. No other stage of this caliber goes up so fast or with so little effort. We took great care to design and produce a low-cost, high-quality mobile stage that ensures user safety, looks great and provides versatile and profitable opportunities for stage owners. virtual stage set up


MAP24 Features

Water Resistant and Fire Retardant Canopy, Backdrop, Sidewalls, and Skirting
Keep your performers safe and dry with a canopy that covers the entire main floor plus an additional foot front and rear.

Equipment Compartments / Splash Guards
Have all the items you need (adapters, bulbs and more) under secure lock and key. 6.25 cubic feet of welded,.120 thick polished aluminum tred plate, full-length stainless steel hinge and tee handle turn locks.

Electrical Distribution
The stage is equipped with a 125-amp 220/110v load center with eight independent circuits. A 50-amp twist lock is also included.

Leveling and Stabilzer Jacks
A patented feature of the stage, the 7,000 lb. capacity jacks are drop leg and crank adjustable, allowing you to level the stage on uneven surfaces.

A Complete Towing Package
Including a 7,000 lb, capacity tandem axle with electric brakes (all wheels), a two inch 5,000 capacity ball-type coupler, two 10,000 pound capacity safety chains, breakaway brakes, reflectors, brake lights and more. All stages comply with DOT and NHTSA requirements.

Stage Extensions
Lightweight and sturdy 4′ X 4′ extensions attach to stage frame or each other for maximum stability. Two aluminum fold-up legs permit fine and coarse adjustents for easy set up.

Winch Assemble
The winch is manual and does not require outside or on-board power to raise the roof. The patented single-winch mechanism allows the canopy to rise to a ten-degree slope (front to back) and helps shed water and maintain the great looking slope roof design.

Banner Package
Maximize your advertising and revenue stream by selling sponsorship space on the stage or by leveraging your own brand to it’s fullest. The Banner Package features a special aluminum attachment that affixes to the stage to support a 32 ft x 4 ft Valance Banner and two 4 ft x 12.5 ft vertical side banners. Marshall Austin can place your graphics, size them appropriately and output your banners for any sponsor or event.

Rolling Billboard Package
Take your brand on the road with the Rolling Billboard Package to promote your city, your company, your events or your sponsors. We reproduce your artwork into large, durable, custom decals that are affixed to interchangeable aluminum side panels. You can easily switch the panels to feature different signage as your advertising needs change. It’s more that just your stage – it’s your rolling billboard.

Convert the Marshall Austin Mobile Stage into an outdoor theater with the Movie-in-The-Park Package – the only adaptable stage conversion on the market. The Movie-in-The-Park Package includes a large venue projector and a 24 ft. x 13.5 ft movie screen. The movie screen easily mounts to the front of the stage. And with our remote screen controller, you are ready to go in minutes!

MAP24 Specifications

Overall length (including hitch 28 ft. 7 in. (8.72m)
Stage length 24 ft. (7.32m)
Stage width 8 ft. 5.5 in. (2.58m)
Overall height 9 ft. 5.5 in. (2.88m)

Stage floor 24 ft. X 16 ft. (7.3m x 4.9m)
Stage height (from ground) 44 in. (1.1m)

Height from floor 12 ft. 6 in. (3.8m)

Height from floor 9 ft. 6 in. (2.9m)

Gross vehicle weight 4,240 lbs. (1923.2kg)
Hitch tongue load (empty) 350 lbs. (158.8kg)

Stage floor load 100 psf (15.2 kgf/m²)

Single side loaded 1640 lbs. (743.9kg)
Both sides loaded 2800 lbs. (1270kg)

Maximum wind speed 50-60 mph (80-96 kph)
Maximum uplift on roof 13 psf (63.5kgf/m²)


Option Packages

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Leveling jacks to adjust and level the stage Leveling jacks ( 7,000 lbs. each ) (3175 kg)
Aircraft quality 6061 aluminum-grade frame
The mobile stage floor is ¾ in marine grade and slip resistant when wet. 3/4 ” (.02 m) Marine-grade flooring
The roof canopy is fire retardant and water repellant Roof canopy
The towing package includes a 7000 lb. capacity tandem axle. Complete towing package
The stairs can attach anywhere along the perimeter of the stage.compartments Stairs with handrail
The two key locked equipment compartments offer 6.25 cubic ft. of key locked storage space attached over each wheel assembly. Key-lock equipment compartments/splash guards
Event stage electrical distribution with 50-amp service. All Marshall Austin MAP24 mobile stages offer electrical distribution with 50-amp service. Electrical distribution with 50-amp service
Stage work lights. Eight work lights come standard with MAP24 stages. Work lights
42 42 inch (1.1 m) high guardrails with mid rails
Mobile stage skirting The stage skirts are FR rated, grommeted, hemmed and velcroed in four-foot sections for a seamless look and ease of attachment to the stage perimeter channel. Stage skirting
Stage trailer spare tire. All MAP24 stages include a spare tire Spare Tire
Stage backdrop The stage backdrop is fire retardant and water repellant Backdrop
Stage sidewalls The two fire retardant/water repellant side walls are fire retardant and water repellant. Two fire retardant/water repellent side walls
(Six par 64 can lights with 500 watt bulbs) 2 – Custom light cases: Pro lighting package (Six par 64 can lights with 500 watt bulbs)
2 – Custom light cases
12′ equipment ramp The 12foot equipment ramp is included in the MAP24 Deluxe Package 12′ (3.7 m) equipment ramp with skid resistant surface
Stage extensions/sound wings The 4 foot X 4 foot lightweight stage extensions are constructed of three quarter inch marine grade flooring with aluminum 2 – 4′ X 4′ (2 – 1.2 m x 1.2 m) stage extensions/sound wings
Extra set of stairs with a handrail The extra set of stairs can attach anywhere along the perimeter of the stage. Extra set of stairs with handrail
Additional 4′ X 4′ stage extensions The additional 4′ X4′ stage extensions will increase the performance area. Additional 4′ X 4′ stage extensions
Portable wheel chair lift The portable wheel chair lift is ADA compliant and is manually-operated. Portable wheel chair lift
Stage Banner Package The banner package allows additional advertising on the stage. Banner Package
Rolling Billboard Package The stage trailer side panels are professionally decaled with customer supplied artwork. Rolling Billboard Package
Movie Package Show movies on the MAP24 mobile stage Movie Screen Assembly


MAP24 Regulatory Compliances:

UNIFORM BUILDING CODE – used to model and analyze the MAP24
NATM – National Association of Trailer Manufacturers Annual Compliance Review
DOT – Department of Transportation
NHTSA – National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration

The MAP24 mobile stage has the largest support footprint in the staging industry, featuring the Marshall Austin patented stabilizer system. This mobile stage incorporates a rubber torsion axle, which provides this stage with lower vibration, longer stage life and is extremely durable. All MAP24 mobile stages come with our unique sub frame axle attachment.

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MAP24 Event Photos

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Q. How big a truck do I need to tow the Marshall Austin mobile stage?

A. The Marshall Austin mobile stage is designed to be towed with a sport-utility vehicle or a half-ton pickup. The GVW of the mobile stage is 4,240 lbs.

Q. Can I put the Marshall Austin mobile stage on the grass?

A. Yes. This mobile stage has the lowest surface impact of any mobile stage in the staging industry.

Q. How many people does it take to set up the stage? How long does it take?

A. The Marshall Austin mobile stage can be set up by one person in about an hour.

Q. How do I raise the roof?

A. The roof folds manually and is raised manually via a single crank. The roof lift mechanism is manual and does not require outside or onboard power to be deployed. The roof lift mechanism allows the roof to rise to a ten-degree slope front to back, to assist in shedding water and to present a pleasing performance area.

Q. Does the roof cover the entire stage floor and the stage lights?

A. Yes. The roof covers the entire main floor plus an additional one-foot front and one-foot rear. This extra roof coverage allows all lighting to be covered by the roof.

Q. Can I set up the stage on uneven terrain?

A. Yes. Every Marshall Austin mobile stage is outfitted with 10 independently adjustable leveling jacks to accommodate uneven terrain. Four level indicators are provided on all mobile stages.

Q. What is the stage floor made of?

A. The Marshall Austin mobile stage floor is constructed of three-quarter inch marine grade plywood, with a polyethylene plastic laminate surface specifically designed for stage flooring. The floor perimeter is constructed of an integrated aluminum-mounting track designed to accommodate stairs, ramp, skirting and stage extensions.

Q. How high is the stage floor from the ground?

A. When the Marshall Austin mobile stage is supported by its tires, the floor is about four feet off the ground. The mobile stage can also be raised with its leveling jacks approximately five feet off the ground.

Q. Does the Marshall Austin mobile stage have a wind rating?

A. Yes. It has a wind rating of 50-60 mph.

Q. Can I make the stage bigger?

A. Yes. By adding our 4 ft. x 4 ft. stage extensions, you can create an enlarged performance area anywhere along the perimeter of the stage. These lightweight extensions are constructed of the same material as the stage floor and attach directly to the stage frame increasing stability. For example, a 32 ft x 24 ft. performance area can be achieved by adding stage extensions completely around the stage.

Q. How about maintenance costs?

A. This stage is all mechanically operated with no dependence on motors, pumps, hoses and hydraulics, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

Federal Agencies call 866-988-5550 for GSA schedule pricing.
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Patent No. 6,393,769

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  • September 28, 2010 at 10:29 am
    virtual stage set up
    Stage Set Up Video

    Your product exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at the engineering, the welds and the detail to workmanship. You have developed portable stage production to a work of art and delivered a product I would be proud to place my signature upon.

    Bruce W. Kreft General Services Administrator City of West Palm Beach, Florida

    The Marshall Austin MAP24 mobile stage is the best investment we ever made. Having the MAP24 gives us a huge marketing advantage. If other Anheuser Busch wholesalers don’t’ have one, they are crazy not to.

    Dereck Mendoza Sequoia Beverage Company Visalia CA

    I cannot recommend your product more highly. It’s only competitor costs over twice as much to rent and requires nearly 30 stagehand hours to build and strike. When they both are done, there is little to tell them apart. In fact, your banner package set-up gives your stage a finished look and feel that many larger, more complex stages lack. Simple, cost effective, sturdy, and endlessly sponsor dressable. It is an amazing product!

    Robie Gibson MESH Marketing Denver CO

    Having five diverse acts a week at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, we needed the ultimate value and flexibility in a portable stage. After much research, we found only one stage that had the size, durability, safety and convenience that we needed – for a very reasonable.

    Giles Beeker Trade Center Management Associates International Trade Center – Washington, D.C.

    Thank you for your great product. It always shines.

    John Wigginton Multimedia Audio Visual

    The Marshall Austin stage was one of the things that made our festival spectacular.

    Traci Brown Halau Hula o na Mauna Pohaku

    The MAP24 mobile stage is one of the best investments we ever made.

    Bruce Meier,City of Pflugerville TX

    Staging perfection as always! Thank you so very much.

    Laurie Dowd Mile High Harley

    The MAP24 stage has been used all summer for different events around town. It provided a great place for the acts to perform during our Friday night concert series. Local talent performed every Friday night to large crowds. Each time the performers commented on how solid and safe the stage is.

    Bill Wallace City of Point Pleasant WV

    Three years ago we had an opportunity to invest in purchasing a mobile stage from Marshall Austin which has been a huge part of our success. The stage has been used for community performances, movies in the park, teen movie nights at the local high school, graduation ceremonies etc. The stage has proven to be a reliable, valuable addition to the Community Services Department.

    Maria Billingsley City of Maricopa AZ

    We are loving our Marshall Austin Stage. We just finished having a University Day Event and the stage was front and center, the focal point.

    Mark Packer University of North TX

    Thanks again for a perfect score!

    Tony Piwowar NBC Today Show

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